Trip to Mollarri Island

Sometimes you need a weekend of total disconnection. A getaway to Zarautz can be an incredible place to disconnect from the computer, work, cell phone… and connect with nature.

In Zarautz not everything is beach, waves and surf, it also offers beautiful, hidden and very unknown corners such as the Island of Mollarri, a walk that you cannot miss, a perfect excursion to spend a morning and also ideal to do with children.

Although now that summer is arriving it is a good time to take this type of walks, I also advise doing it in autumn when the leaves on the trees change color and make the landscape even cooler

The route is simple, you don't have to be a great athlete, the climb is comfortable, since you are walking, enjoying the views and nature in all its splendor. The landscape becomes more and more spectacular as you gain altitude, so halfway there do not hesitate to stop to contemplate this beautiful place that will be an unforgettable memory. Here, I do suggest taking out the camera to capture this moment in an image.

Once at the top, take a cemented path that leads to the island of Mollarri, an islet hidden behind Mount Talaimendi, east of Zarautz beach.

Before starting the descent, enjoy the panoramic views on both sides and the cliff.

In 1905, a loading dock was built in Mollarri that was used as an iron warehouse and loading dock until 1923.

The reconstruction of this old mineral loading dock is an interesting excursion into Zarautz's industrial past and allows you to enjoy surprising views of the sea, Getaria and the entire coastline, a perfect place to visit this summer. Are you going to miss it?

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